tutorial for beginners: how to get started


  • Metamask or another web wallet
  • At least 3 kETH (Kovan Ethers)


Kovan Ethers

At least 3 kETH (Kovan Ethers)

The app

Go to the Reflexer’s app on Kovan testnet

Connect wallet

Click the button Connect Wallet at the top right corner.

What is an account?

An account is a smart contract wallet. You can hear about it as a proxy contract, DSProxy or a proxy wallet too.

Create an account

Click the Create Account button

Create a Safe

A Safe is a kind of vault where you will deposit ETH and mint RAI.

Manage your Safe

Click on Manage Safe to see details and manage your Safe Account.

Reflexer on Uniswap

You can use RAI on Uniswap.


There are a web page with some statistics:

Final message

My goal is to teach the first steps to understand and use RAI. I did not go deeply in this article because I intend to do others and explain more actions and more concepts.



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